Farm Box - Family Size - 20+ lbs

Farm Box - Family Size - 20+ lbs

Large Variety Box
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We are excited to launch the Farm Box from Grand View Farm. It’s simple to order, then sit back as your box is delivered right to your doorstep. Each box will include a fun new mix of the best that GVF has to offer seasonally including 100% grassfed beef, gmo-free pasture raised pork and gmo-free pasture raised poultry. Plus any add-ons that you choose from the GVF online farm store, including our delicious pasture raised eggs. Let your imagine run in the kitchen or check out our website for great recipe ideas based on what's in your box. Farm Box is a great new way to support GVF, eat seasonally and responsibly, all with the convenience and time savings of doorstep delivery. There's no obligation, so try it today!



Order online today, delivered to your front door! We're excited to launch our July Farm Box for purchase starting today. You'll get all of these delicious, nutrient-dense, clean meats delivered right to your front door. Convenient online ordering and payment takes just a couple of minutes. You may also add additional products through our online store if you wish. 2 packs sliced bacon - no nitrates, no sugar 2 packs of ground beef 1 whole chicken 2 ribeye 2 packs sage breakfast sausage 2 packs brats 1 pork picnic 1 pack chicken leg quarters 1 pack pork chops 1 beef roast (sirloin tip, bottom round, etc.) Over 24 lbs total!