Why Choose GVF?

1 Humane

Ethically raised animals, rotated holistically through the pastures and woods

2 Clean

No GMO's, no antibiotics, no hormones. Dozens of Paleo & Whole30 compliant choices. Sugar-free, no nitrate products

3 Convenient

Hundreds of happy customers, 5 star reviews, plus several pick up and delivery options

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  • 100% Grassfed

    This product is from an animal that was never fed grain

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  • Drug free

    This product was from an animal who never received hormones, antibiotics or any other type of drugs during its life

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  • Grassfed

    This product is from an animal raised on the pastures at the farm

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  • No Nitrates

    This smoked products is uncured and contains NO nitrates

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  • Non-GMO

    This product is from an animal not exposed to any sources of GMOs

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  • Paleo

    This product meets the standards for a Paleo compliant diet

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  • Sugar-free

    This product is free of any added sugar

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  • Whole30 compliant

    This product meets the standards for a Whole30 compliant diet

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